Meet Shae McNamara

Since retiring from playing two professional sports, Shae has been working as a Peak Performance and Mindset Coach, helping individuals, teams, businesses, and families break down barriers and realize their goals. My Diamond State Of Mind® systems empower individuals to feel unbreakable, keep them on their path to brilliance, and help them build their skills and confidence, allowing them to shine with all they’re worth. 



We often believe that the world around us is responsible for our circumstances in life, but it is our inner lives that truly shape people we are, and the people we will become.

Whether it comes from outside or inside, the pressure to be the best, to be perfect, to be better than the other guy, is absolutely real and it’s not going away any time soon. Once our insecurities take over our inner dialogue, we attach the negative perceptions to our identity, warranted or not, and  continually validate them. This is a destructive cycle that most people have experienced in their lives at one stage or another, and sadly it leads most of us down a path of depression and, ultimately to never feeling like we are enough to continue going forward; that we are not worthy of it anyway.




Unfortunately, today’s mindset philosophies pander far too much to a ‘just keep going’ attitude, rather than examining the concepts and practices that lead us towards such a breaking point. No matter what age or stage we find ourselves, we need to always love, respect and honor ourselves, even the parts we might not like. In order to do this, we need to always be honest, open and willing, with ourselves and with others. And ultimately, we need to realize that wherever there is a desired result, there is a corresponding fee that has to be paid in, and that means showing up to your challenges. These are just a few of the fundamental concepts that I use to empower students, teams, as well as parents and coaches, to honor the path that each of us are traveling, and to help each of us clear away and manage the obstacles that stand in our way.

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