Shae has been a miracle worker for my daughter. With his guidance and mentorship, she turned a corner and overcame her challenges in only five sessions. I would highly recommend Shae to anyone looking for a positive, motivating facilitator who helps create and implements an action plan for your life. Phenomenal results! Thank you, Shae!
— D.P., Milwaukee Parent

Shae conducted workshop sessions with the emphasis on team chemistry, body language, team goal setting and personal accountability. I thought the players received his message well and responded to his challenges appropriately. Because of my experience with Shae, I gladly agreed to endorse him. I know Shae and his personality allows him to develop strong bonds with whom he works.
— Robert Herman, MUHS Athletic Director

Shae developed our dancer’s self-belief, goal-setting, teamwork, confidence and motivation. At all times Shae showed outstanding skills, patience, diligence and insight. His friendly, warm and considerate manner endeared him to everyone and he worked at all times with focus and dedication to achieve excellent results. I know he would be an asset to any group or organization and would strive to make a difference and help individuals and groups maximize their potential.
— Sefra Burston, Sefra Burston Dance Studios, Australia

Shae has been a godsend for our daughter. We have seen an improvement not only in our daughter’s attitude towards sports but also towards school. She is now equipped with the technique to approach challenging, difficult situations in a more positive manner. We can’t thank Shae enough for what he has done for our daughter!
— Kent and Lisa Fuchs, Milwaukee Parents

My son has told me that his sessions with Shae have allowed him to improve his game. Hew feels that his ability to focus while he’s playing has increased. He found Shae’s style conducive to quick learning.
— D. B., Milwaukee Parent

Shae is a warm hearted and dedicated professional. He’s very gifted working with teens. He has an ability not only to relate and understand them, but to make them feel comfortable and open. This helps accelerate their growth tremendously.
— B. R., Milwaukee Parent

Shae helped me bring my fitness and strength to a higher level and helped me realize how much further I have to go to achieve a successful tennis career.
— Nicholas Y., Former Client

Shae helped me keep a positive mental aspect on my game every day.
— Shaun Anderson, Boston Red Sox Organization
People are not born champions, they become them. It’s (attained) through practice, patience, perseverance and a positive state of mind. I always wanted to be the champion I knew I could be, but I had a hard time finding out how to get there. (After) working with Shae for roughly 4 months, I was able to address issues uncover road blocks, and focus on actually achieving my personal goals. Shae’s encouraging feedback and challenging assignments helped me take control, tackle obstacles along the way, and reach my end goal. I was able to let go of the past (and) stay in the present, helping to shape my future. I would highly recommend using Shae if you are looking to boost your confidence and reach your highest potential. The reward has been and continues to be life changing. Thank you, Shae, for helping me facet my diamond and be my absolute best!
— A.B., Former Client
Shae is professional, caring and extremely interested in those he works with. His attitude and demeanor portray an active interest in others. Those interested in going to the next level can’t go wrong.
— Mike Davidson, MSOE Men's Tennis Coach
Shae has been a godsend for our son’s mental and emotional development. Since working with Shae we have noted increased confidence, improved motivation and much more self-awareness. These traits as all parents know are difficult to develop in the teen years but are essential for life. We can’t thank Shae enough for his consistent effort to help our son see and reach his own potential.
— Stacey Roberts, Milwaukee Parent
Shae does a wonderful job at building and creating interpersonal relationships with the youth and young adults he interact with, through a genuine love and passion for his craft and the outcomes for their futures. Not only are his workshops engaging and empowering, they are dynamic. He really motivates the youth and young adults and challenges them to challenge themselves.
— Wilton Johnson, Owen's Place
Shae’s teachings helped develop my player’s strategies to play the game one pitch at a time and gave us a formula for success between the ears. He did a tremendous job of helping our guys become more accountable and to focus on things that are controllable. His insights are exceptional and valuable, and he played a key role in our championship season.
— Eddy Morgan, Lakeshore Chinooks Manager, Northwood’s League Champions ‘14
Shae worked on building trust and camaraderie among my players. He helped our students athletes set goals that hold themselves accountable for consistent effort and improvement, while also building their physical fitness and mental toughness levels.
— David R. Frank, MUHS Men’s Varsity Tennis Coach, WIAA D1 State Team Champions ’15 & ‘16
Shae is very personable and dynamic. Shae conducted a session for my studio employees on Team Building with emphasis on keeping and maintaining a “Diamond State of Mind”. The session had self awareness activities which promoted the team to think of their biases and baggage, that would lead them to not carry a Diamond State of Mind at all times.

We were a young team at that time and we got to learn things about each other through sharing, which we would not have other wise learned at that time. That brought us together as a team and impacted our performance.
— Amita Milani, Owner of Elements Massage, Mequon